Keto Sweets Cookbook Kelsey Ale Reviews

Keto Sweets Cookbook Kelsey Ale Reviews: Is It Good for Keto Diet?

What’s Unique?

Do you like sweet dishes but don’t want to ruin your keto diet? Well don’t worry, this cookbook is perfect for you.

This cookbook has everything regarding zero-sugar, low-carb, and tasty sweet treats. So, you can stick to your keto diet and have some tasty treats. The cookbook has 85 quick and easy recipes and ideas for keto-friendly desserts.

The cookbook focuses on diminishing the craving for sweets for people on the keto diet. Any type of sweet dish’s main ingredient is sugar. But, the cookbook aims to make those without sugar while tasting the same!

Nevertheless, a diabetic person can follow the recipes and eat those delicious treats. Because every recipe is made with no sugar and no usage of dairy. So it provides healthier options to make desserts.

About the Author

Kelsey Ale is a trained nutritionist, a Paleo cook and baker, and a fitness fanatic. She works for people who seek a healthy lifestyle.

She became a vegetarian by the age of 14. She is against animal cruelty and believes that vegetarianism is a healthier option. Also, she thought it would be cool to rebel against her parents!

Her main goal is body positivity. She loves to work with women who appreciate their bodies. She helps them in every way so that they bring positive changes towards health.

Truly Vibrant Health

She believes that health is a journey. But, one needs to stay on the right path to experience truly vibrant health. 

Keto Sweets Cookbook is her second book. And it is a successor of Paleo Sweets

How’s the Book?

Keto sweets cookbook Kelsey Ale is perfect for any fitness enthusiast with a sweet tooth! 

The book starts by explaining the keto diet in detail. Then on each page, you will get instructions, and ingredients to prepare a dish.

By going through each page you will get an idea of how great the book is. Because the book is the ultimate proof that you can prepare mouth-watering desserts! Plus, your keto diet won’t get ruined.

In summary, it’s an essential book to satisfy your sweet cravings without ruining your diet plan!

Are the Recipes Easily Doable?

Let’s clear out one thing first. I am conscious of my health. But I just cannot stay away from the sweet dishes. So, I tried to find alternate ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. As a result, I bought the Keto Sweets Cookbook.

But it gathered dust for a while. But finally, I gave it a try. And I was blown away! I tried almond butter brownies and it was delicious!

You might be wondering if the recipes are easy or not? Well, the recipes are easily doable. The book is narrated in the simplest manner.

After reading for some hours and making a few dishes here’s my initial thought:

Keto Sweets Cookbook by Kelsey Ale is simply amazing. It gives you easy instructions to follow to make a dish. Furthermore, the book is engaging with beautiful colored food items and it’s very enticing.

I was fascinated by how great the book actually is.

Kelsey Ale has a great vision and passion for fitness. So, she kept the cooking procedure as simple as possible. This isn’t an easy task especially to make mouth-watering sweet dishes without sugar and milk!

Moreover, if you are a beginner, the book will still be very self-explanatory. For that reason, the book is very handy for anyone out there.

The dishes are split down into simple sections, with visuals to help. So there’s no need to be afraid of getting lost midway!

What You’ll Like About the Book

The book is great through and through. Once you go through the Keto Sweets Cookbook Kelsey Ale review, you will know why.

I wanted to find alternatives to sweet dishes. And the book turned out great! When you start reading the book you will see how wonderfully Kelsey Ale explained everything.

The book will motivate you to cut off carbs. It will feel as if you are going through Kelsey Ale’s journal. You will notice the carefully selected ingredients and simple procedures to make the perfect low-fat desserts.

A section explains the possible substitute for sugar. Sugar makes any sweet dish worthwhile. But it is also harmful to any fitness freak. The section will give you an elaborate idea to choose the perfect ingredient.

Kelsey Ale carefully crafted every little detail. So that you can follow your goal for a healthier life. The bright side is that by following the book you don’t have to give up desserts!

Things You Might Not Like About the Book

No matter how great the book is, it may still lack a few things.

For starters, the book extremely focuses on keto diet-friendly desserts. For that reason, the desserts you eat may not be enough to satisfy your hunger. As a result, you may crave more.

Secondly, the ingredients may be hard to find. Or the ingredients can be expensive in your area. Because till now the substitute of sugar and milk cost extra bucks.

Thirdly, the book is not a typical dessert cookbook. So, many can find it difficult to catch up the first time.

Lastly, some recipes require a lot of time to make. So, go through the keto sweets cookbook Kelsey Ale review PDF for convenience

Stand Out Recipes

The book is filled with exceptional dishes. However, a few dishes that stand out to me are highlighted below.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

As the first dish, I chose Vanilla Creme Brulee. 

This dessert can easily be made. By following all the steps and ingredients it tasted as decent as usual Creme brulee. It is a keto version of the classic Creme Brulee. Baked and bruleed vanilla custard with a sweet and crunchy top!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Another recipe that is very easy to make.

A velvety lemon filling is encased in a luscious meringue in this lemon meringue pie! It’s a simple dish created with just four items and no sugar or wheat! Per serving, there are 3 grams of net carbohydrates.

Dark Chocolate Key Lime Pie Truffles

This is an exceptional recipe.

The filling is a velvety key lime mousse enrobed in dark chocolate. It takes an hour to prepare everything. However, the wait is well worth it! The chocolate melts and leaves a strong touch of lime in your mouth. The dessert tastes fantastic!


When was the Keto Sweet Cookbook published?

The Keto Sweets Cookbook was published on January 1, 2018. Till now it is one of the best ketogenic sweet cookbooks.

Does the Keto Sweet Cookbook Cover Every Desserts’ Recipe?

The keto sweet cook has 85 quick and easy-to-make desserts. However, there are more desserts out there based on the keto diet. These desserts are not included in the book.

How Many Carbs Does Each Dessert Have from Keto Sweets Cookbook?

The curbs are totally based on how you prepare a dessert. By following the Keto Sweets Cookbook, each dessert will have a maximum of 10grams of carbs.

Our Verdict

With this, I conclude my keto sweets cookbook kelsey ale reviews. Hope the review will be helpful!

Keto Sweets Cookbook does have some obstacles. But, it is a very useful book for a healthy lifestyle.

Fulfill your craving for sweets without excessive carbs from today!

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