Premadonna Cookbook Reviews

Premadonna Cookbook Reviews: Parley on the Recipe Bible 

What’s Unique? 

The Recipe Bible, also known as the Premadonna Cookbook has got its look. The appearance of this book is very different from other contemporary cookbooks. This is an eccentric side of the Premadonna cookbook reviews.

Cookbooks usually come in minimal design and colors. The page designs are normal and not so attractive. Authors nowadays are trying to make their books attractive by adding pictures. But the author of The Recipe Bible has outdone all of them.

Premadonna, the author, has given special efforts to the presentation of the book. It has a dissimilar cover page to the cookbooks available on the market. From the book cover to the page designs and patterns, you will find special touches. 

The covers come with sparkling golden outlines. This glorious display of the book will surely grab the attention of the readers. But sometimes you might feel that the book is too shiny. All the designs and outlines have made the book bulky. 

So this can give negative vibes to many. However, this appearance of The Recipe Bible has made it unique. You will be easily able to identify this book from a pile of books. 

About the Author 

Premadonna, Rapper, An Instagram Influencer, Fashion Designer, An Entrepreneur, And The Owner of Premadonna Cookware.

The author of this book is well known to her followers long before publishing this book. Premadonna has been an Instagram influencer for a long time. She launched her own cookware business and it became a success.

She also has her spice products like the Premadonna Seasonings for various food items. Besides all these, she is very popular for her fitness posts. Premadonna has a lot of engagements on social platforms.

Because of her popularity, her first recipe book, The Recipe Bible became an instant hit.

How’s the Book? 

The Recipe Bible is a good cooking book, but it could have been better. It has the potential to deliver an outstanding recipe collection. But for some reason, it failed to reach the sky. 

The writer, Premadonna has collected lots of high-quality recipes in the book. But there are some weak recipes too. These recipes have reduced the quality of the book to a great extent. 

Anyway, the book is not completely a failure. The Recipe Bible comes with more than 200 recipes. Among them, some are truly extraordinary. It consists of food recipes for all breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

There are recipes for appetizers, seafood, and smoothies too. So the book can be described as a complete package. If you are a fan of Premadonna, if you want to support her, the book won’t disappoint you.

Are the Recipes Easily Doable?

The recipes are easy for experienced chefs. For new chefs, the recipes can be tricky. Not all the recipes in the book come with complete descriptions.

The recipes do not consist of any complex ingredients. You will get all the items for preparing any of the recipes in the supermarkets and shops. No problem exists there. From this context, the recipes are easily doable. 

But there are some issues with the recipes themselves. Some of the recipes do not have the complete instructions set. A professional chef will be able to notice this information gap. Then he can make decisions accordingly. 

However, for newbies, this can be a great problem. The recipes might not turn out great and cause disappointment. From this point of view, the recipes in The Recipe Bible can be hard to follow.

What You’ll Like About the Book 

There are many aspects of The Recipe Bible that you will like. Let me go through them one by one.

First of all, the book is full of varieties of recipes. You will never get bored of it! You are looking for a breakfast meal, it is present. For lunch or dinner, you will find it in the book. Even smoothies and appetizer recipes are also available in the book.

The images present in the book are bright and accurate. There are pictures for almost every recipe. The pictures will help you to visualize the final result. Pictures also come in handy while decorating the cooked food.

Then come the designs and outlooks of the book. If you love colors, you will become fond of The Recipe bible. The gorgeous decoration of the book will surely amaze you.

Things You Might Not Like About the Book 

Discussing this section of the review is not so easy. But I will try to come clean to you. Some things about the book did not impress me. And I think that you will not be impressed either. 

The price of The Recipe Bible is around $80. This is very high for a recipe book. Mostly recipe books come in around $30. After adding the shipping cost, the price of the book will be around $100. This can be a headache to many.

Also, some of the pictures used in the book are repetitive. Same pictures were used for different recipes. This was unexpected from a recipe book with such a high price. The book misses some key points too.

The Premadonna cookbook recipes don’t come with serving sizes. So you won’t understand the quantity of the food until you prepare it. Moreover, some recipes are incomplete. This can cause some big trouble.

The recipes only refer to Premadonna cookware and seasoning. It should have come with some conversion. Because not everybody has Premadonna items in their kitchens.

Stand Out Recipes

To give you a clear idea about the recipes, I have marked some of them. I think this will clear the air for you.

Shrimp & Grits

This is a breakfast meal. I am a big fan of shrimp. So this recipe caught my eyes while going through the book. 

The recipe is well written. As a result, the outcome was perfect. For breakfast, the dish was more than enough. And as a shrimp lover, I can guarantee that the shrimp was used perfectly in the dish.

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

I prepared this dish for my lunch. The recipe was easy to follow. But it did not say anything about the serving amount. The soup turned out to be very tasty but in a large amount. This can be a perfect lunch for any vegetarian. 

Stuffed Salmon

I have prepared stuffed salmon previously. So I know the taste. And this recipe was not different from that. There was no new outcome in the taste of the stuffed salmon.

The recipe ingredient list had Premadonna seasoning. But the procedures did not say anything about adding it. When I tasted the salmon, it lacked salt. This happened because I forgot to add the seasoning.

These are the recipes I found to be different from the others.



What is Premadonna doing now? 

Premadonna is working as an Instagram influencer now. Also, her business of cookware is going well. She is known for her motivational posts and photographs. Premadonnas cookbook was also a hit among her followers.

Is the Premadonna Cookbook worth it?

The Premadonna cookbook is partially worth it. The book comes at a high price of $80. But it does not have enough high-quality recipes to compensate for the price. Also, the recipes are not always greatly written. These issues have made the book less worthy.

How to get The Recipe Bible published?

You can get The Recipe Bible from online and offline shops. This book should be available in local book markets and shops. The PDF version is also available for buying. You can order the printed version from various websites too. The price and shipping charge may vary based on the shop location.

Our Verdict 

Let me conclude the Premadonna cookbook reviews. I think that now you have clear views on The Recipe Bible. 

With some ups and downs, the book is a collectible. If you are a cookbook collector, go for it. You should also buy the book if you are a fan of Premadonna. 

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